Nulegacy Gold Corporation Nevada
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NuLegacy's management, corporate governance and professional services teams are well respected executives with a reputation for successfully identifying, financing and discovering gold resources.

Corporate Management:

Albert Matter, Chairman
James Anderson, CEO
Roger Steininger, CGO
Danny Lee, V.P. Admin & CFO
Susan Tessman, Admin
Frank Lagiglia, ICM
Vision, Strategy & Finance
Marketing & Value recognition
Geoscience & Property evaluation
Controllership and Admin
Investor Communications Manager

Independent Directors:

Alex Davidson
Allan Hill
Robert Krcmarov
Director, Yamana Gold Inc.
Chairman, Teranga Gold Corporation
Executive V.P. Exploration & Growth, Barrick Gold Corporation

Geotechnical Team:

Roger Steininger
Thomas Roman
Alex Davidson
Derick Unger
Emily Sudholt
Garrett Frey
Bryan Kellie
David Mallo
Chief Geoscience Officer
Exploration Manager. Nevada
Development & Acquisitions
Chief Geologist
Geologic Administrator
Project Geologist
Consulting Geologist

Advisory Council:

Dave Awram
Donald Ranta, Chr.
Glen Darou
John Budreski
Stuart (Tookie) Angus

Director, Exec VP, Sandstorm Resources
CEO, Rare Element Resources
Former CFO, Shell Canada
President, CEO, Morien Resources Corp.
Director, Chairman, Nevson Resources Ltd.

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